Welcome to Cayman Force Elite

Cayman Force Elite SRL is a company founded in 2009, with 100% Romanian shareholders and military experience since 1993, operating in theaters of operations in the former Yugoslavia and Africa within the Foreign Legion in France. Thus, we are committed to providing a high level of project management and consulting services in the field of ammunition, weapons and related services.

Our company is certified and authorized for:

  • Operations of intermediation, import-export, trade and storage with lethal weapons and ammunition
  • NCAGE "NATO Economic Agent Code" certificate: 1F48L
  • ROMARM Agent contract
  • Registered ANCEX with the code C 09-083 - for performing the operations of:
  • Export / transfer of military products
  • Import / transfer of military products
  • Intermediation regarding the negotiation or organization of transactions involving the removal or introduction from or into the territory of Romania of military products
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Among our partners we list:

  • ALSETEX (Franta)
  • FALKEN (Spania)
  • NET (Israel)
  • ASSOT (Israel)
  • ESP (Cehia)

Following the trend of recent years, the company is positioning itself in the market and wants to become a reliable supplier for internal and external partners.


CAYMAN FORCE ELITE provides in-house specialists in the Military, Navy and Air Force capable of assisting in any challenge. Moreover, we manage a huge network of defense experts who can provide niche expertise.


Together with our global partners, we are committed to providing to our customers around the world with defence solutions. We anticipate customer needs and offer state-of-the-art solutions that improve stability and security. We have a results-oriented mentality and we adhere to military values.


Our aim is to become one of the world's leading provider of defense solutions, with premium military consulting, military products, services and assistance.